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4oz tin of our blend of 100% natural yellow beeswax and food grade mineral oil. 

4oz Wood Conditioner

  • Our 4oz tin of wood conditioner is a blend of natural yellow beeswax and food grade mineral oil that will keep your wood cutting boards, wood spoons/utensils, or butcher block healthy and hydrated. Apply a small amount of wood conditioner to your entire cutting board ensuring you cover all sides and allow to sit for a minimum of 4 hours and then buff with a soft dry cloth. The mineral oil will soak into the grain of the wood to keep the board hydrated and prevent bacteria growth while the beeswax will remain on the surface creating a barrier to help prevent water absorbing into the wood. All our cutting boards come seasoned with a coat of our wood conditioner and we recommend purchasing a tin as well to continue keeping your board looking and working its best. We recommend applying approximately once per month or as needed to keep your boards healthy for years to come.